Dragon Sanctuary Guide - ENCHANTING

What is Enchanting?

Each dragon in your Dragon Sanctuary now contains a button on its card marked "Enchant".

Clicking the new Enchant button will open the Enchanting Menu. -- from here you can see your dragon’s current ability levels and values on the left. On the right, you can see what levels and values will increase to if you successfully enchant your dragon.

At the bottom you see three items and the Enchanting Energy counter. The items can be used to protect your dragon from potential negative effects of enchanting as well as increase your chances of success!

Each enchanting attempt has a risk of a negative effect, or downgrade. Enchanting without using an item always runs this risk. Beware!

Enchanting Energy is needed to attempt a dragon enchant. It recharges at a rate of one unit every 20 min. When you are empty you can wait for it to regenerate or add more by clicking on the counter.

Selecting Items

By selecting the 'Token of Protection', you can enchant without any risk of a downgrade occurring. As you can see below though, it does not increase the chance of success when selected. Since the meter is in the red on the left, I know that my chances of this enchantment succeeding are low.

By selecting the 'Token of Encouragement', you can protect against a downgrade happening and increase your odds of success by 25 times. When you select this item, you can see the success meter show your improved odds.

By using a Token of Encouragement to enchant by Common Fire Dragon from III to IV, you can see the meter is in the green -- indicating the likelihood of success.

Increasing Odds

Since my dragon has been enchanted one level, the odds of success become more difficult. The meter now shows only two units lit in the Success Meter. The higher the increase goes, the more difficult the process becomes.

Token of Divinity and Beyond...

There are rare items that exist called Tokens Of Divinity. Spending one of these on an enchant attempt will instantly increase your dragon’s abilities one level with 100% success. The items are very special and you’ll be finding out how to obtain them soon.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Enchanting Energy recharges too slow! Is there anyway I can gain it faster?

The only way to obtain more Enchanting Energy is to let it recharge at the rate of one unit every 20 min or purchase more for 10 rubies. You are able to purchase more than the regen limit of 15.

How can I get Tokens of Protection or Encouragement?

These can be awarded through various Dragons of Atlantis events or purchased directly when selected before clicking ‘Enchant’.

How do I know when I should use a Token?

When the success meter is in the red, especially the first six units on the meter, then the odds your enchantment will succeed are low. If you are in the red, you may want to consider using a token. You can mouse over each token to have the game display how much better your odds of success will be.

Can I find Tokens in the wild?

Tokens currently do not appear as drops anywhere in the game.

How can I get my hands on a Token of Divinity?!

We will be releasing these rare items soon through familiar means.

Some of my abilities are displaying strange overlapping numbers. What gives?

This is a bug we are aware of. Some abilities, such as March Capacity, are displaying incorrect numbers. We’re working to fix this quickly. Have no fear though, the abilities are working despite it reading strange.

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