Dragon Sanctuary Guide - MASTER ROOKERY

What is the Master Rookery?


The Master Rookery is accessible within the Dragon Sanctuary. By clicking on the Master Rookery building you will be able to access this area and begin storing more dragons within your Sanctuary.

The Master Rookery allows you to store up to 60 dragons within your Sanctuary, including the ones you have placed in your Guardian Roosts. Each time a new egg in your nests hatches, the new baby dragon will be moved into the Master Rookery. You must have space open in your Master Rookery in order to breed dragons. You no longer need an open Guardian Roost in order to hatch or breed dragons.

You can now also upgrade dragons hatched in the Sanctuary. This will allow you to grow the dragons to maturity so that they in turn can be bred. Also, each dragon will unlock a new ability at level 6 and at level 10. These will now be available when the dragon is placed in a Guardian Roost. Only one dragon can be upgrading at a time.

In the Guardian Roost, you can now swap dragons you wish to have active in your Roosts. Each dragon will provide different boosts. You can easily switch dragons within each Roost by clicking the Swap button. You can also remove a dragon from a Roost entirely by clicking the Unequip button.

A dragon that is active in a Roost spot is shown with a blue dragon icon over its picture in the Master Rookery.


I select two dragons but it won’t let me breed them in the Dragon’s Den!

Make sure you have space open in your Master Rookery, otherwise you will not be able to breed them. You can release dragons in your Master Rookery back into the wild if you do not wish to keep a dragon or would like to hatch another egg.

You can only breed one pair of dragons at a single time. You must wait until the pair has completed breeding, usually resulting in an egg, before pairing another set of dragons to breed.

I’m all out of space! How can I unlock more room than just the 20 spaces?

More spaces in the Master Rookery for dragons are available by obtaining the Master Rookery Expansion Item, which is available via special events.

How can I unlock the other two Abilities? How can I raise my baby?

Now that the Master Rookery is opened, you will be able to increase the level of each of your baby dragons. By clicking the Upgrade button under a dragon in the Master Rookery, you can level it up!

Can I breed the baby dragons I hatch with other dragons?

Yes, but a dragon must be level 8 or higher in order to be bred. Dragons that you breed are more likely to yield newer, high level abilities.

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