Dragon Sanctuary Guide & FAQ

Dragon Sanctuary Guide & FAQ

The all new Dragon Sanctuary is here! Every player will now see the SANCTUARY button at the top of their screen. This is the gateway to the all new Dragon Sanctuary view. In this new area you will be able to breed dragons, hatch eggs and choose dragons to protect your empire with their unique Abilities.

The Dragon’s Den is the first area to look at.  

Here you will be able to pair two dragons in order to get them to generate an egg. In order for a dragon to be available in the den, it needs to be Level 8 or higher. All currently released Dragons are able to breed with the exception of the Wraith, Chrono and Kaiser Dragons.

In order for dragon’s to breed, you will need an open Roost Seat in the Guardian’s Roost area. If all Roosts are full, you will not be able to pair dragons until you make room for the new baby dragon.

You can purchase new Nests for more eggs and Roosts for more dragons.

Each breed of dragon has unique genes. These genes will dictate what Abilities will appear in its young. Different combinations will result in different Abilities and different orders. Experiment to find the most desirable combinations!

In the Hatchery lie the nests that each egg is placed into.  

Here you can view each egg’s Abilities that the dragon will possess when hatched. Also you can see the dragon’s title or rank. You can get an idea for how special your dragon is based on its title. There are currently 6 titles for dragons Common, Lesser, Heightened, Royal, Exalted and Omniscient. Each one is far more rare than the previous and is coded by color.

If you decide you do not wish to keep the egg in your nest, it can be released into the wild.

Once the egg hatches, the newborn baby is moved to an open Roost seat in the Guardian’s Roost area.

Why can’t I breed “x” dragon?
Only the Great, Stone, Fire, Frost, Amber Crest and Helio dragons are available for breeding right now. The Water, Wind and Mephitic Serpent will appear soon.

Will I be able to breed all new dragons?
Yes. You’ll know when this happens.

Can I send my new dragons on marches?
Dragons born in the Sanctuary will only live in the Sanctuary for now. Perhaps someday they will learn combat.

I select two dragons but it won’t let me breed them in the Dragon’s Den!
Make sure you have an open Roost for your new dragon, otherwise you will not be able to breed them. You can release dragons in your Roost back into the wild if you do not wish to keep a dragon or would like to hatch another egg.

No dragons are listed in the Dragon’s Den for me!
You will need to have your Great Dragon at level 8 or higher and at least one of the featured Outpost dragons (Stone, Fire, Frost, Amber Crest and Helio) to begin breeding dragons in the Dragon’s Den.

I’m all out of space! Can we have more room for dragons?
Yes. Soon the Master Rookery will be made available. Here you will be able to store many more dragons for you to equip in your Roosts.

Here you can see the level of the dragon, which Abilities are unlocked and active as well as which are locked. You can also see the gender of the dragon here. Female dragons are very rare and should be revered as special.

If you decide you do not wish to keep the dragon currently in the Roost seat, it can be released into the wild.


How can I unlock the other two Abilities? How can I raise my baby?
Once the Master Rookery is opened, you will be able to increase the level of each of your baby dragons. The level each ability is unlocked at is displayed on the dragon’s information card.

How do I get a highly ranked dragon?
The odds of getting a dragon to increase its rank are greater if you breed two higher ranked dragons. Once the Master Rookery is opened, you will be able to increase the level of each of your baby dragons and begin breeding higher level dragons.

Can I breed the baby dragons I hatch with other dragons?
Yes. Once the Master Rookery is opened, you will be able to increase the level of each of your baby dragons, thereby allowing them to be bred. A dragon must be level 8 or higher in order to be bred.

How many different Abilities are there?
There are many different types of Abilities and more will be unlocked in time.

Why do I keep getting the same Abilities?
Try breeding different breeds of dragons for varied results.

How do I get “x” ability?
The Ability a dragon is born with comes from several factors. Different species have different odds of granting different Abilities. Only through different combinations will specific Abilities appear. Good luck!

Why are all my babies males?
Female dragons are very rare. You never know when one will pop up.

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