Pack Dragons

What is a Pack Dragon?

The Pack Dragon is a new transport troop that has a higher speed, defense, and load capacity than Armored Transports and Porters.

Pack Dragons are very useful for sending resources to an alliance member or bringing resources to your City after an attack.

How do I get Pack Dragons?

Pack Dragons are only available from Fortuna's Vault. If you win Pack Dragons from Fortuna, you will automatically be credited 1,000 Pack Dragons in your City regiments.

Although you cannot currently train Pack Dragons, you can still view their statistics and upkeep by viewing your Garrison. From here, click the 'Train Troops Button' and scroll down until you see the Pack Dragon and click 'View'. You can also dismiss your Pack Dragons from this view.

Important: You must have a player level of 10 or higher to be eligible to play Fortuna's Vault and have a chance to win Pack Dragons.

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