Sand Strider Troop

What is a Sand Strider? How do I train one?

A Sand Strider is a troop available to be trained exclusively in the Solarian Highlands.

Sand Striders are wandering nomad warriors that often lend themselves to the training of troops for the various empires. These warriors hail from Atlantis’ desert regions and have crafted keen skills in survival and warfare. As a result, they are able outfit and train existing troops, adding new skills and abilities. The most drastic of all these is the art of mounted combat. Known for their riding prowess, they are able to train troops to make use of beasts as mounts and increase their combat effectiveness. By combining your Halberdsmen along with your Swift Strike Dragons you will be able to train Sand Striders.

How do I train one?

In order to train a Sand Strider, first make sure you have a Solarian Highlands with a Level 10 Training Camp. From there, click on your Training Camp and scroll to the very bottom to find Sand Striders. When you select the Sand Strider, you will be presented with a list of necessary Resources and Research levels. If you fulfill all of the requirements, you will then be able to train Sand Striders.

In the list of requirements to train a Sand Strider are also a few unique elements: a Halberdsman and a Swift Strike Dragon. Each Sand Strider you wish to train requires one Halberdsman and one Swift Strike Dragon. Combined, the Halbersdman and Swift Strike Dragon create one Sand Strider, and without them the Sand Strider would not exist. Please keep in mind that each time you use a Halberdsman and Swift Strike Dragon to make a Sand Strider, they cannot be separated. If your Sand Strider is killed, the Halberdsman and Swift Strike Dragon die too.

Unlike Fangtooth and Lava Jaw troops, there is no new item that must be found in the wild to train Sand Striders.

What is the Power level of a Sand Strider? How much Power is gained when I train a single Sand Strider?

The Sand Strider has a Power level of 10. However, since 1 Swift Strike Dragon (Power level 5) and 1 Halberdsman (Power level 2) is required to train a Sand Strider, 7 Power is lost when you begin training a Sand Strider. However, when the training of a Sand Strider is completed, 10 Power is gained. In other words, the net gain in power after training 1 Sand Strider troop is 3. 

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