What is a Longbowman?

A Longbowman is a basic ranged troop type. They are useful when attacking lower level Wildernesses and opponents.

As a ranged troop, Longbowmen have the ability to strike from a distance with strong attacks. Because they can hit the enemy from a distance, there is a chance that the opponent may not be able to reach the Longbowmen to strike back. Be sure to utilize Longbowmen with melee troops, for Longbowmen have a very low defense. If the enemy troop is able to get within striking range, the Longbowmen can die very easily. With the added assistance of melee troops, the Longbowmen can be utilized in battle in previously unthought-of ways, so be sure to try out several different combinations!

How do I train a Longbowman?

Longbowmen can be trained by building a Level 4 Garrison and researching Level 1 Weapons Calibration. Make sure you have plenty of resources if you wish to train several Longbowmen at once.

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