What is a Porter?

The Porter is a transport troop for beginning players. They are best used for transporting resources.

As a transport troop, a Porter has the capability of carrying a larger amount of resources than other units. Be sure to utilize Porters with stronger attack type troops when sending them into battle, because Porters have much lower attack and defensive statistics than other units. With the added assistance of Minotaurs and Longbowmen, Porters can be utilized in battle in previously unthought-of ways, so be sure to try out several different combinations!

Porters are also capable of transferring resources to an Alliance member's City. Not only will this help a friend in need, but it will also protect resources from being looted in an attack on your City.

How do I train a Porter?

Porters can be trained after you have completed building a level 1 Garrison in your City. Make sure you have plenty of resources if you want to train several Porters at once.

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