What is a Conscript?

A Conscipt is a basic melee troop for beginning players. They are most useful when attacking lower level Wildernesses and players.

As an offensive troop, Conscripts have a larger attack than other beginning type troops. Be sure to utilize Conscripts with Porters when attacking low level Wildernesses or players to gain the maximum amount of resources available from a victorious battle. Conscripts will be unable to hold large amounts of resources as they have a small load capacity. With the added assistance of Porters, Conscripts can be utilized in battle to bring home quite a bit of resources, so be sure to experiment to find the perfect balance between these two troop types!

How do I train a Conscript?

Conscripts can be trained by building a Level 1 Garrison in your City. Make sure you have plenty of resources if you want to train several Conscripts at once.

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