Battle Mechanics & Battle Report Questions

I was defeated in battle and don't think the results were accurate. Why did I lose?

We have received a number of questions about our combat system. Some battle results might not seem correct at first glance or when comparing them to similar or identical battles in the past; however, our combat system is quite complex and many factors need to be taken into account when attacking or defending against an opponent.
The varying capabilities and talents of each type of Troop plays a large role in combat and can have a drastic impact on the result of a battle. Range, speed, troop quantity, combat boosts and other troop stats will play a part in how a battle will turn out.  Those differences should be taken into account when planning an attack or defending against an opponent.
Also, as we want our battles to resemble actual combat, there are additional variables that come into play, which also means that you may see different results even if you're using the same troop types and quantity. We feel this creates a more realistic experience of how combat would occur in reality and results in a better gaming experience for players.
Unfortunately our support team is unable to provide a breakdown of what occurred in a battle. We realize this can be frustrating, but due to the number of players playing the game and our desire to keep some elements of combat secret, we are simply unable to provide a detailed account on what occurred in combat. Part of the fun of playing Dragons of Atlantis is to experiment with combat system and discover what combinations of troops work best against different troops types.
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