Appoint Generals

How do I appoint a General?

To appoint a general you'll need to build an Officers Quarter.

To be able to build an Officers Quarter, select an empty lot within your city and select "Officers Quarter" from the list of buildings. 

After you've built the Officers Quarter, please select "Appoint Generals" Afterwards you'll see a list of your Facebook friends. Please pick one of you friends and confirm by clicking on "Appoint".

If you can't find any of your Facebook friends, don't worry since you'll be able to select one of our stock generals which are capable of battling, etc.

The more battles your general wins, the more stars he'll receive to his name. Your generals can have up to five stars. Be sure to upgrade your generals regularly to keep your armies strong. The better the general, the higher the odds of winning or defending a battle. 

If you upgrade your officers quarters, you'll be able to appoint more generals.


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