Name Changes

How do I change my player or City name?

Changing your player name

To change your player name, simply purchase a Pseudonym Grant in the Shop.

After you purchase a Pseudonym Grant, find it in your Items tab, and select Use. A new window will appear asking you what to change your name to. Enter in the name you desire, and select OK.

If the name is available and successfully changed, the window will close and the words "Used!" will appear over your Pseudonym Grant.

Changing your City name

In order to change your City name, you must purchase a Rename Proclamation from the Shop.

Much like the Pseudonym Grant, Rename Proclamation can be used in your Items list, and will display the words "Used!" when the name change is a success.

You may also obtain Pseudonym Grants and Rename Proclamations as a reward from Fortuna's Chance.

There is no way to change your City/player name without these items. In order to obtain a new name without these items, you may Change Realms and create a new player.

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