Choosing an Avatar

What is an Avatar?

To personalize your game experience, Dragons of Atlantis uses Avatars to represent the player you create. In order to choose an Avatar you must first select a tribe. At this point in time there are four tribes to choose from: Amazon, Primus, Solerian, and Zolmec.

Within each tribe will be three different Avatars to choose from. Please keep in mind, as the Amazons are a tribe of women, there are no male choices in the Amazon tribe.

How does my Avatar affect my City?

At this point in time, level 11 Buildings in your City are affected by your Avatar's tribe. Keep in mind the appearance of your building will not change for your specific tribe until your building is level 11.

Please note, once you choose an Avatar and begin playing you will not be able to go back and change it unless you use a Tribal Rebirth Item.

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