Reinforcing Alliance Members

How do I reinforce Alliance members?

There are two ways you can assist your allies. From the Alliance Menu, click View next to the player you want to help. Then, choose the type of help you want to provide.

Sending Resources

  • Choose "Send Resources"

  • Select the number of troops (Porters or Armored Transports) and the amount and type of resource you want to send

  • Click Transfer. The troops will travel as normal to your ally's city, and can been shortened with Speed Ups
  • Once the resources have arrived, both you and your ally will receive a Report confirming that the transfer was successful


  • Choose "Send Reinforcements"

  • Select the number and type of troop that you want to send

  • Choose a General to lead your troops and click Reinforce (the troops will march as normal to your ally's city)
  • Once the troops have arrived, both you and your ally will receive a Reinforcement Report confirming that the march was successful

Whenever you send troops to reinforce an ally they will always Defend, even if your Alliance member has his or her own troops set to Hide. In other words, if the Alliance member you are reinforcing is attacked your troops will always help defend them in battle.

Viewing encamped troops

You can view both the troops hosted in your city and the troops you have sent to your allies from your Muster Point. Simply click Troops from the Muster Point to send additional troops to your allies or recall your troops.

Taking action from the Map

Supporting Allies: In addition to reinforcing from the Alliance menu, you can send troops and resources to anyone in your alliance by clicking on their city on the world Map. After locating their city, choose either Send Resources or Reinforce, and follow the steps above.

Reinforcing Wildernesses: You can also reinforce any wildernesses you own by clicking on it from the World Map, choosing Reinforce, and following the steps above.

Other common questions

Q: What can I reinforce?

A: In addition to your own held wildernesses, you can now reinforce the Cities owned by fellow Alliance members.  You cannot reinforce Allied wildernesses, non-allied Cities, or anything else.

Q: Who feeds reinforcements?

A: When the reinforcement march is marching to or retreating from the destination city, the sender pays the food costs.  When the reinforcement march is encamped and hosted by the destination, the recipient pays the food costs.

Q: What happens if the recipient cannot have any more reinforcement marches?

A:  If the recipient city cannot host any more reinforcement marches when the reinforcement march arrives, the march will immediately retreat.

Q: What happens if the recipient leaves the Alliance?

A: If you have a resources march on the way to the ally, the march will immediately retreat when they arrive at the destination city, without handing over the resources.  The resources are returned to the sending player when the march returns. If you have a reinforcements march on the way to the ally, they will instead attack the target city when they arrive. If you have a march currently hosted the allied city, they will be expelled from the host city and will begin retreating back to your city.

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