Alliance Benefits

Why should I join an Alliance?

While joining an Alliance is an optional part of Dragons of Atlantis, it is highly recommended for your survival.

Dragons of Atlantis is a war game by nature, and aggressive actions are allowed within the game design as long as it is within the bounds we set. Being a part of an Alliance can help players of all levels from being under constant attack which causes players to lose their hard earned resources. Additionally, alliances can help to build camaraderie and help players to advance in the game quicker. Here is a detailed list of features the alliance function can provide:

  • The Reinforce feature allows Alliance members to send troops to another Alliance member's City or Outpost. While the reinforcing troops are encamped, they will consume the city's food but will always defend the City from any attacks.
  • The Send Resources feature allows Alliance members to send resources and gold amongst one another.
  • The Send Message feature allows for members of an Alliance to communicate with one another. The Overlord, Lords, or Leaders also have the ability to message everyone in the Alliance at once.
  • The Alliance Chat feature allows for quicker and private form of communication between alliance members. This can help with strategy during live gameplay.

In addition to these features, Alliances can be used as a form of diplomacy among other Alliances. When players experience issues with another Alliance, it can often be resolved between Overlords, otherwise a war between Alliances can be declared.

Alliances also have the option to be friendly with other alliances, but friendly Alliances cannot reinforce or send resources to one another.

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