Name Not Available

Why do I keep receiving the error "Name is not available"

Dragons of Atlantis has experienced a great deal of growth in recent months. Consequently, many common or popular names are unavailable.

If you receive the above message, the name you have selected is no longer available. There is a high chance your desired name is already being used by another player and you will have to choose another one.

But I've tried everything! How can I pick a name that will work?

Sometimes it will appear that no matter how many names you choose, the names selected are not unique. In situations such as these, we recommend adding one or more digits, or another letter in order to create a unique name.

Keep in mind that Dragons of Atlantis currently does not support most special characters in names. If you attempt to use one it will likely tell you the name is not available, so please try to refrain whenever possible.

What if I want to change my name later?

If you wish to change your name at a later date, there are many items that can assist you in the Shop.

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