Item Drop Rates

I am having trouble finding items in the wild - were the drop rates changed?

In the wild of Atlantis, players can find Dragon Eggs, armor, Troop Items, and even Speed-ups. In order to find many items, you must send a Great, Wraith or Elemental Dragon on the march. As you advance and create more Outposts, finding the rarest items within Atlantis can be difficult even for the most advanced player. However, the more battle-ready dragons you have available, the easier it is to find items that are scarce. Keep in mind that the rate at which items are available in the wild is dynamic, so be sure to utilize all your dragons that are eligible to find items.

Please keep in mind that if you are hunting for an Egg or piece of Dragon Armor, your Great Dragon or one of your Elemental Dragons must accompany your march.

If you haven't done so already, check out the Questions and Answers section of the community forums. It's a great place to learn about drop rates and other mechanics from experienced players.

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