Fortuna's Chance

What is Fortuna's Chance?

Fortuna is the Goddess of fortune, personification, and luck. In Dragons of Atlantis, she offers all citizens of Atlantis the opportunity to test their luck in a game of chance.

How do I play?

To play Fortuna's Chance, players are required to offer one Fortuna's Ticket for a chance to win prizes and riches. Fortuna will grant all players one free Ticket per day to test their luck. Fortuna's Tickets can also be purchased at any time in the Shop under the General category.

Once you have a Fortuna's Ticket, click on the Fortuna's Chance button located in the bottom right corner of your game screen.

Once you have done so, a new window will appear displaying all of the items you can win in this round of Fortuna's Chance.

To play this game of fate, click on the Choose button and await your winnings.

After the game is over, you will then be rewarded with your prize or riches. Please keep in mind that the more tickets you have the more chances you have to win. Additionally, Fortuna's Chance generates the items that can be won at random each time the game is opened. Please enjoy this game and may Fortuna be with you!

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