Free Fortuna's Medallion

How do I win a free Fortuna's Medallion?

Fortuna's Vault is hidden away in Atlantis, and only accessible by players that possess at least one Fortuna's Medallion.

Although one Fortuna's Medallion is necessary to enter Fortuna's Vault, it is now possible to acquire a Medallion without purchasing it! To acquire this free entry to Fortuna's Vault, you must play Fortuna's Chance five separate days on the same realm in a one week time period. You cannot skip three days in a row and still be qualified to acquire a free Fortuna's Medallion.

Important: Upon loading your game, the first realm you access that day will begin tracking how many days in a row you have played Fortuna's Chance. If you enter another realm afterwards you will still be presented with the opportunity to play Fortuna's Chance, but it will not display the daily counter. Consequently, whichever realm you first access for your fifth day will be the only one presented with a chance to enter Fortuna's Vault. In other words, if you load Lotus on your fifth day you can enter Fortuna's Vault, but if you go to Pearl afterwards you will only be able to play Fortuna's Chance.

Upon entering Dragons of Atlantis you will be presented with a window allowing you to play Fortuna's Chance and keep track of how many days you have logged in.

If you miss a day out of seven it will appear as a red box in your play history. If you are successful, and you activate Fortuna's Chance five times in one week, you will then be presented with a chance to access Fortuna's Vault, with a free Fortuna's Medallion.

Please keep in mind that Fortuna's Chance retains information for each realm specifically, so you must log on to each realm in order to access Fortuna's Vault on that realm on the fifth day. In other words, if you access one realm for 3 days and switch to another on the fourth, that second realm will only be registering as Day 1. For a more comprehensive guide on this feature, please feel free.

Please note: When you win an opportunity to play Fortuna's Vault for free, you will not be able to play Fortuna's Chance for free on the same day.

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