Fortuna's Vault

What is Fortuna's Vault?

Fortuna's Vault allows players Level 10 and above to access the vaults of Fortuna herself for a chance to win a random item.

Items available in Fortuna's Vault can be much more valuable than those presented in Fortuna's Chance. When you play Fortuna's Vault you just might win an Ancestral Seal, Divine Rations, or Nomadic Recruits!

How do I enter Fortuna's Vault?

To enter Fortuna's Vault, first make sure your character is Level 10, and you possess one Fortuna's Medallion.

To purchase a Fortuna's Medallion, simply purchase it in the General tab of the Shop, or click on Fortuna's Rewards to be given a chance to purchase 1, 5, 10, 25, or 50 Fortuna's Medallions at the same time.

After acquiring your Medallion, click on Fortuna's Rewards to be presented with a new menu giving you the chance to use any Tickets or Medallions you have. If you select "Play", you will then use one of your Fortuna's Medallions in exchange for the chance to win a new item in Fortuna's Vault!

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