Fortuna's Vault - Quantity of item or troops won displayed incorrectly

I won an item or 1,000 troops in the Vault, but the displayed message stated I won 0 of the item or troop or a different quantity. Why did that occur?

When playing Fortuna's Vault, for every Medallion used, you will win either 1 of a specific item type or 1,000 troops. There is currently a display issue that states you have won a different quantity of an item or troops. However, rest assured that you will either win 1 of an item or 1,000 of a specific troop type each time you use a Medallion to play Fortuna's Vault. You can find the item that you won in your inventory and any troops won in your regiments.

We are working to resolve this display issue and thank you for your patience during this time.

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