Troops and Dragon Missing

Troops and Dragon Missing

My troops and dragon are stuck marching and I lost power. How do I get my troops and Dragon back?

Players have reported that their troops and or dragon are stuck marching, cannot be recalled and are missing.

If you feel your troops have vanished or are stuck waiting for a report, always check your City Muster Point first.

To resolve these instances, the Engineering Team is currently pushing a fix that will force your troops or dragon to return back to your City.

Please wait at least 24 hours for the Engineering Team to fix your account and return your missing troops or dragon. If 24 hours have passed and you are still experiencing difficulties with your missing troops, then feel free to contact the Dragons of Atlantis Support Team for more assistance.

We realize that you are in the midst of attacking wildernesses in order to acquire in-game items and we appreciate your patience during this time.

Thank you for your understanding!

The Dragons of Atlantis Team

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