Fortuna's Tokens

How many Fortuna's Tokens can I receive in a day?

Aside from purchasing Fortuna's Tokens directly from the Shop (for 5 Gold), you can receive up tofour free Fortuna's Tokens each day! In addition to this, you also get to play Fortuna's Gamble once for free each day! Here's how:

  1. You are able to play Fortuna's Gamble for free once each day the first time you load the game
    Note: This is a "Free Spin." You will not receive a Token if you do not play!
  2. Clicking on a "Quest Completed" Facebook post
  3. Helping an Ally complete a Build or Research via their Facebook post
  4. Clicking on a Facebook post from an Ally who shared that they won an Item in Fortuna's Gamble
  5. Sending an Ally or Friend Offerings as per their request via their Facebook post

Please remember that you can only receive one Fortuna's Token a day for each of the above tasks, for a total of five free chances to play per day, regardless of how many times you complete or perform each task. Use or save them at your discretion!


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