Fifth City Buildings and the Roman Quarter

What is the Roman Quarter and what does it do?

The Roman Quarter is a new structure that fills the role of several buildings at once. Upon building your Fifth City, you will automatically receive this building.

This building will act as the following buildings once you construct your City:

  • Level 10 Forge
  • Level 10 Workshop
  • Level 10 Stables
  • Level 10 Relief Station
  • Level 10 Storehouse 

 The following buildings will not be available to build in your Fifth City:

  • Forum
  • Academy
  • Coliseum
  • Barracks
  • All buildings listed above as part of the Roman Quarter

Important Note: The Roman Quarter is only available in your Fifth City. It cannot be built in Cities 1-4.

For more information on Fifth Cities, check out our Knowledge Base articles!

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