Bear Pits

What is a Bear Pit and why can't I build Barracks?

Bear Pits allow you to Research and Train Ursa Berserkers, a NEW Troop type only available in Fifth City!

These buildings function very similarly to Barracks. However, instead of Training Troops, you'll be Training Ursa Berserkers: Hugely powerful bears trained to fight and defend your Glory! The Bear Pits also function as the Research facility for Ursa Berserkers. You can Train Ursa Berserkers without Researching them, however, increasing your Bear Research will boost the effectiveness of these Troops.


  • Razor Claws
  • Deadliness
  • Swiftness
  • Bear March
  • Thick Hide
  • Endurance

Like Barracks, each additional Bear Pit you build will help reduce your overall Training Time and allow you to queue up more groups of Ursa Berserkers.

Important Note: Ursa Berserkers are the only type of Troop you're able to Train in your Fifth City, however, you can still Reinforce and Reassign other types of Troops to your Fifth City.

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