Bear Pit Training and Research Queue

How Do I View My Bear Pit Training Queue?

Players with a Fifth City can now view their Bear Pit Training Queue and Technology progress! 

  1. Click on the Bear Pit Building in your Fifth City
  2. Click on the "Queue" button on the top right-hand corner

You will now see your two most recent Ursa Berserker Training Queues, with any Bear Technologyyou are researching located in-between.

Also, only your first two Training Queues will show. Once your most recent Queue finishes, the next Training Queue will replace the one that just finished.

NOTE: Cancelling the current Training Queue will immediately replace the appropriate amount of Resources to your account, but will not automatically update the Queue (this will also occur if you Instant Finish a Training Queue). We will have this fixed in a future release of Glory of Rome.

FIX: You will simply need to close and reopen the Bear Pit window for the most accurate Queue to display!

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