Vesta's Benevolence

What is Vesta's Benevolence?

Vesta's Benevolence is a blessing given to you after constructing a Second, Third, Fourth, orFifth City. After building a Third, Fourth, or Fifth City, you will receive 7 days of the following bonuses:

  • Instant Builds/Finishes under 4 Gold for all structures
  • 100% Silver production bonus
  • 25% Food, Lumber, Stone, and Iron production bonus

Certain structures from the beginning cost more than 4 Gold to build, and will not be counted among the buildings which can be Instant Built/Upgraded.  These are the:

  • Coliseum
  • Embassy
  • Storehouse
  • Palace
  • Wall

At a certain point, the cost to upgrade the structures in your Cities will exceed the 4 Gold limit on Instant Builds/Upgrades.  Below, the highest levels that can be achieved for all the buildings in your Cities by using Vesta's Benevolence are listed:

  • Farm: level 4
  • Mine: level 2
  • Quarry: level 3
  • Sawmill: level 3
  • Villa: level 4 (In order to reach this level, your Palace must be level 4) 
  • Barracks: level 1
  • Rally Spot: level 2
  • Apothecary: level 1
  • Academy: level 1
  • Stable: level 1
  • Generals' Quarters: level 1
  • Watch Tower: level 1
  • Workshop: level 1
  • Forge: level 1

In addition to Vesta's Benevolence you are granted a Founder's Legacy, which is a permanent 10% increase of the value in Glory of every building constructed/upgraded within the Third City, and 20% for those in the Fourth and Fifth Cities.


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