Food Production and Upkeep

Where do I find Food Production and Troop Upkeep information?

There are three places to find out your Food Production and Troop Upkeep information: Your Palace,Barracks, and by mousing over your Food icon.

In your Palace, your Food Production and Upkeep information is in the Resource Production Summary which is located in the "Overview" tab:

By mousing over your Food Icon located directly above your player name, you will see a pop-up window the the following information:


•     Food You Own: Amount of Food collected
•     Storehouse Protection: Amount of Food protected by your Storehouse
•     Production: The total amount of Food being produced every hour
•     Upkeep: The amount of Food needed to support your Troops

The Upkeep totals displayed in the Palace and by mousing over your Food icon show the total amount Troop Upkeep for all Troops in your City including Reinforcing Troops.

By opening your Barracks, you can view the Upkeep of each specific type of Troop you have in your City. To see their Upkeep, click on the Troop type who's Upkeep you'd like to see:

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