General Energy

What is Energy and how do I give my General more Energy?

Your Generals need Energy in order to March. The more Energy they have the more tasks and duties they'll be able to fulfill. Once they're out of Energy they will be unable to take any more action until it is replenished.

The maximum amount of Energy a General is able to have at any given time is 8 and will refill on it's own every 24 hours.

To instantly refill your General's Energy you will need to purchase Roman Vigor. It can be found in the "Miscellaneous" section of the Shop:

  • Click "Use" and your General's Energy will instantly replenish!

You can also ask your General's corresponding Facebook friend to refill the Energy:

  • Click "Post" under "Ask For Energy." When you do this the following Facebook message will appear:
  • Click "Publish" and the message will post to your friend's wall. Once they click "Help Now" on their message, the Energy will be applied to your General.
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