Tips for New Players

How do I start playing Glory of Rome?

The best way to start building up your City to a Glorious Empire is to follow the Quest system!

The Quest system will guide you to specific quests objectives that have not yet been fulfilled. Be sure to read over the quest carefully. The objective is what you need. The description gives hints on how to meet the objective. Every time you complete a Quest you will be rewarded with your hard work.

When you first begin your city in Glory of Rome, you will be under Beginner's Protection for 7 days or until your Palace reaches Level 5. During this time, you are unable to be attacked by other players. We recommend building as much as you can as fast as you can because once your Beginner's Protection ends, you may attack or be attacked by anyone!

Another crucial way to help protect yourself is to join an Alliance. Alliances not only offer protection, they help each other, and will help with any questions you may have! For more information on how to join an Alliance, you may want to check out the following link!

In addition to following the Quest System, an important thing to begin building right away are your Fields. Everything you construct uses Resources from your Fields so you want to make sure to build more and upgrade your Farms, Mines, Sawmills, and Quarries whenever possible. Make sure you construct a Storehouse as quickly as possible as well. This will help protect your Resources in case you are attacked. The Storehouse protects 100,000 of each Resource for every level you upgrade it. A Level 10 Storehouse will protect 1,000,000 of each Resource.

Also, make sure you begin building your Villas and Barracks. The more (and higher level) Villas you have, the higher your City's Available Population will be. Population is important because your Available Population is what you use to train Troops and Barracks are where you begin training your Troops! The more Villas and Barracks you have, the faster you'll be able to build up your army!

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