Wall Defenses

What are the different types of Wall Defenses, and how many can I build?

There are two general categories of Wall Defenses: Field Defenses and Wall Defenses. 

Field Defenses:

  1. Sling Bullets
  2. Spiked Barriers
  3. Traps

Wall Defenses:

  1. Defensive Scorpio
  2. Defensive Ballistae

Regardless of your Wall level, there are always an equal amount of spaces for Wall and Field Defenses, however, each Defense takes up a different amount of spaces:

  1. Sling Bullets occupy 1 space
  2. Spiked Barriers occupy 3 spaces
  3. Traps occupy 4 spaces
  4. Defensive Scorpios occupy 2 spaces
  5. Defensive Ballistae occupy 4 spaces

As you level up your Wall, you will gain more spaces to build Wall Defenses.

  1. Level 1 Wall: 500 spaces for Field Defenses/500 spaces for Wall Defenses
  2. Level 2: 1,500/1,500
  3. Level 3: 3,000/3,000
  4. Level 4: 5,000/5,000
  5. Level 5: 7,500/7,500
  6. Level 6: 10,500/10,500
  7. Level 7: 14,000/14,000
  8. Level 8: 18,000/18,000
  9. Level 9: 22,500/22,500
  10. Level 10: 27,500/27,500

To figure out how many Field and Wall Defenses you can construct per level, divide the number of available spaces on the Wall by the number of slots a particular Defensive unit occupies.  For example:  A level 8 Wall can maintain 18,000 Sling Bullets (taking up 1 spot each) and 9,000 Defensive Scorpios (taking up two spots each).

Strategize, and be sure to mix and match your Wall/Field Defenses wisely!

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