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How does the 12-hour cooldown for requesting help from friends with Builds and Research work?

When requesting help from friends and Allies with a Building or Research project, there is a 12-hour cooldown for each Build and Research before you can request help again.  However, the 12-hour cooldown only applies to each individual Building or Research.  This means that you can only ask your friends and Allies for help once every 12 hours for each Build or Research.

For example, if you were to ask for help from your friends with upgrading one of your Villas to its next level, it would be 12 hours before you could request help again for that particular Villa. 

You can ask your friends and Allies for help with different Builds and Research even if it hasn't been 12 hours on the Villa.  Be sure to remember, though, that the 12-hour cooldown will then apply to those structures as well.

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