General Levels

How does a General add to an Attack?

There are two things to keep in mind when you use your Generals to Attack:

  1. General's need Energy in order to be able to March. Generals are currently able to March 8 times before being exhausted - click on "General Energy" for more information.
  2. General Level - Your General's level is based on your General's Experience. The more Experience your General has, the more successful you'll be in your Attack.

There are two ways to gain Experience for your General:

Shop Items

  • Legionary Training gives your General 1,000 Experience
  • Centurion Training gives your General 10,000 Experience
  • Praetorian Training gives your General 50,000 Experience

Attacking Wilds and/or Cities 

  • Your General's Energy and Level contribute to any Attack bonus items and the effectiveness of your Troops


  • The higher level the General becomes, the longer it will take to level up
  • Your General will always gain Experience Points
  • Your General cannot lose Experience Points or decrease in Levels
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