Battlegrounds: Troops

Commonly asked questions about Troops and the Battleground

Troop Control

Who controls the Troops sent to the Battleground?
Officers, Vice Chancellors, and the Chancellor of your Alliance are able to send home any Alliance member's Troops from the Battleground. For more information on how to Recall your Troops from the Battleground, check out our Knowledge Base Article on Battlegrounds!

How long can my Troops stay in the Battleground?
Due to the extreme cold and harsh conditions your Troops will endure while in the Battleground, they will automatically be sent home after 24 hours. Keep in mind, once these Troops return home, you can send more!

Does sending my Troops to the Battleground take up a March Slot in my Rally Spot?
Yes. Any marches you send to the Battleground will take up a March Slot.


How many Reinforcing armies can be sent to a point on the Battleground?
Each point on the Battleground can hold up to 10 armies with up to 200,000 Troops in each Reinforcement. This means any point on the Battleground may contain up to 2 Million Troops at any given time. Keep in mind, the number of Troops you're able to send to the Battleground is based on the Level of your Rally Spot.

Troop Upkeep

Is there Troop Upkeep in Battlegrounds? If so, where are they fed from?
Troops in Battlegrounds will require Upkeep. They will be fed from the City they were originally sent from.

Can Troops desert from the Battleground?
If the City you originally sent your Troops from runs out of Food, Troops may begin to desert from their stations in the Battleground.

If I lose Troops in the Battleground, is it just in the Battleground?
All Troops that are lost in the Battleground, are unable to be used again. However, you can revive a portion of your fallen Troops in your Apothecary!


If my General is in the Battleground, can he/she be used elsewhere?
If your General is assigned to Troops in the Battleground via an Attack or Reinforcement, they cannot be used anywhere else until they are Recalled.

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