Troop Training Time Calculations

How are Troop Training Times Calculated? How does the Praetorian Praefect bonus work? Do more Barracks increase my training speed?

The exact formula for training time is complex, and takes into account the following things:

  • The type of troops being trained
  • The number of troops being trained
  • The number of Barracks you have
  • The total level of the Barracks you have
  • The level of your Forge, Workshop, or Stable (depending on troop type)
  • The level of the Praetorian Praefect in the city
  • The level of Tactics you have Researched
  • The Deity Bonus from Apollo (if Apollo is your Deity)

To best illustrate how all of these variables interact, let's look at some examples:

With 1 Barracks at Level 1, and no other bonuses, it takes 30 seconds to train 1 Conscript. This means you can train 120 per hour. If you double the number of Barracks to 2, you can train twice as fast. It would take 15 seconds to train 1 Conscript. You can train 240 in one hour. (Increasing the level of the Barracks helps, too. One level 6 Barracks would let you train at a rate 50% faster than one level 1 Barracks.)

Your other bonuses (Forge, Tactics, and Praetorian) are added together before being applied. If you have Level 5 Tactics (25% bonus), and a Level 5 Forge (50% bonus), you would have a combined bonus of 75%. Following the above 2 Barracks scenario, you can now train 420 Conscripts in an hour (75% more than before), or about 8.5 seconds per Conscript.

Remember when factoring in your Praetorian bonus, that the above bonuses are already in effect. Assign a level 25 General to take the Praetorian spot, and he'll add another 12.5% to the bonus from above, for a total of 87.5%. This lets you train 450 Conscripts per hour, bringing the training time per Conscript down to 8 seconds each.

Finally, if you're a follower of Apollo, and you've been offering Blessings to your Deity, you will have an additional bonus from him. This bonus is applied to the Tactics Research you have completed. If you have a 15% bonus from Apollo, this is applied to your 25% Tactics bonus. 15% of 25% is 3.75%. The total speed training bonus considering all of these effects is 91.25% (25% + 50% + 12.5% + 3.75%). This means you can train 459 Conscripts per hour, which is about 7.8 seconds per Conscript.

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