Battle Reports

What is the Battle Report?

The Battle Report is an essential feature of Glory of Rome. You receive these reports after every offensive or defensive battle against your Enemies.

Near the top of every Battle Report is the Battle Report Number. Should you ever have any questions regarding the outcome of a particular battle and wish to contact Glory of Rome Support, please provide this reference number.

Highlighted in red is the list of Resources won or lost: which it will be depends upon the type of battle (defensive or offensive).  The Resources are, from left to right, the following: Food, Lumber, Stone, Iron, and Silver.

The bottom half of the Battle Report contains the amounts of Troops that Fought, Survived and wereWounded. Wounded Troops will be available to revive in your Apothecary. If you do not have an Apothecary, you will not display any Wounded Troops. Please note, however, that until they are revived, Wounded Troops will not be useable in any type of March or Attack.

Also included in the bottom portion of the Battle Report is the Level of the General that lead the Battle for both the Attacker and Defender as well as the total amount of Attack (ATK), Defense(DEF), Accuracy (ACC), and Life (HP) Boosts applied to the Troops.

Keep in mind that General's Level, Deity Bonus, Research Levels, and any additional items such as Mars' Blessings, Mars' Favors, Vulcan's Blessing, Vulcan's Favor, and Jovian Thunders will affect the bonus percentages displayed on the Battle Report.

For more information on how Attack and Defense Boosts affect Battle, check out our article on !

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