March Types

What are the different types of Marches and how do I send them?

All marches are selected through your Rally Spot. Select the tab "March Troops." There are four different types of Marches you can send your Troops on:

  1. Attack: Taking aggressive action against enemy forces: a Wild, Plain, or City with the intention of gaining Resources, building another City, or vengeance. When sending your Troops to Attack, a General must be selected.
  2. Reinforce: Sending Troops to strengthen or support your own, or an Ally's City or Wild, usually for defensive purposes or storing Troops. These Troops will be found in the Embassy of the Reinforced City.
  3. Transport: Moving Resources to from one City to another. You can Transport Resources to your own and Allies' Cities.
  4. Reassign: Reassigning Troops between Cities you own. This will become their primary City and these Troops will be visible in the Barracks of the City they were Reassigned to. You can only Reassign Troops to Cities you own. You cannot Reassign Troops to Allies' Cities. 

It's important to keep in mind that March times can vary based on the type and amount of Troops you send. Building a Relief Station will increase the March speed of Troops you send to yours and Allies' Cities.

Once you've sent your Troops on a March, you can click on the "Troop Movement" tab in the Rally Spot to see the location and March type your various Troops are on.


NOTE: Troops will be fed by the City they're currently inhabiting. This means Reinforcing Troops will be fed by the City they're Reinforcing. If you're Reinforcing a Wild, the Troops will be fed by the City that controls the Wild. 

How to March your Troops:

Using the Rally Spot:

  1. Click on your Rally Spot
  2. Click on the red button that says "March Troops"
  3. Enter the coordinates of the City you'd like to send your Troops and/or Resources to. You can also select them from your Bookmarked locations if you've Bookmarked them.
  4. Click on the option you'd like to use: Your options are Attack, Reinforce, Transport, Reassign
  5. Select the General you'd like to use if it is required
  6. Enter the amount of Troops and/or R
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