Battlegrounds- Attack and Defense Boosts

Commonly asked questions about Attack and Defense Boosts in the Battleground

Attack and Defense Boosts

Can I apply Attack and Defense Boosts to my Troops in the Battleground?Jovian Thunder, Mars' Blessing, Mars' Favor, Chainmail, and Platemail can be applied to TroopsAttacking a specific point in the Battleground. For more information on how Attack and Defense Boosts affect Attacking and Reinforcing Troops, check out our article on 

How does the Level of my General affect the Battleground?
If you're Defending a point in the Battleground, the highest level General Reinforcing that particular point will lead your Troops.

How do Research Levels and Deity Bonus affect the Battleground?
Research Levels and Deity Bonuses apply to players Attacking a specific point in the Battleground.

Defenders assume the Research levels of the point they’re Defending, like they would a City they’re Defending. Points in the Battleground are not owned by a specific player, they're controlled by Alliances. Due to this, Research Levels have been set to Level 10. However, since they're not owned by a specific player, they do not have Deity Bonuses.

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