Send and Receive Offerings

How do I send and receive Offerings?

Offerings are an important part of Glory of Rome. You can Sacrifice Offerings to your Deity in order to increase your Deity Bonus.

To Send Offerings

Scroll down to the bottom of your game screen. Click on the Cohort you would like to send an Offering to.

You will then be prompted to post a Story to the Cohort you're requesting Offerings from Facebook Wall. Click Publish and the Story will post to their Wall.

To Accept Offerings

You will receive a Facebook notification of a posting on your Wall. Click Get it Now to receive the Offering.

When taken to the game, select Play


Click Play on the desired World in which you want to receive your Offerings.

You will begin playing on the World you sent your Offerings to.

You can also request Offerings by opening your Temple and clicking on the Ask for More button! When you click that button, you will post a request asking for more Offerings on your Facebook wall. Your Cohorts will have to go to your Facebook page and click Help Now to give you more Offerings. Once collected, your Offerings will be deposited straight into your Inventory.

Please note:

  • You cannot send an Offering to the same Cohort until they've accepted the initial Offering you sent them
  • You cannot send Offerings if the Cohort has privacy settings on Facebook disabling friends to be able to post on their Wall
  • There are no other in-game notifications alerting you to Offerings, so be sure to check both your own Wall and your Cohorts' Walls often
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