How to Enable Vacation Mode

What is Vacation Mode and how do I use it?

Vacation Mode allows you to leave your game unattended, requiring no maintenance, for a minimum of 3 days. You will need to apply Vacation Mode in each World where you have a City.

While in Vacation Mode your Empire cannot be attacked and your Troops will not require any Upkeep.

Note: You cannot enter Vacation Mode if you have any incoming or outgoing Marches (of your own Troops or from Alliance members).

What happens when your Empire is in Vacation Mode? 

  • You will not be able to end Vacation Mode early
  • Your Cities cannot be the target of a March
  • Your Cities cannot be Scouted
  • Your Cities will produce Resources, however, they will remain un-collected until your Vacation ends;
    NOTICE: Your cities will only collect resources for the first 24 hours. Because your game is put on hold, Hired Overseer items will not auto-collect Resources.
  • Your Troops will not require any Upkeep
  • Your Wilds will not be able to be Attacked or Conquered
  • Any Messages you receive in-game will receive the following auto-reply: "This Player is on Vacation, and will receive your message with they return!"
  • In your Alliance you will show as "On Vacation" in the members section


  • While in Vacation Mode any Troops currently healing in your Apothecaries will be paused. They will not continue to Revive until the Vacation Mode ends.
  • You cannot, under any circumstances, end Vacation Mode early

 To apply Vacation Mode

  1. Purchase a minimum of 3 Day of Rest items in the Shop. One Day of Rest is equal to one day of Vacation. They can be found in the "Combat" section
  2. In your Inventory, under the "Combat" section, click "Use" on your Day of Rest item
  3. A window will appear asking you how many days you would like to rest. You must use a minimum of 3 Day of Rests
  4. Once you have selected the amount of days you'd like to rest, push "OK"
    NOTE: You will be unable to click "OK" if you enter less than 3 days
  5. Once you click "OK" a different window will appear making sure you want to go on vacation
  6. Click "Go On Vacation" to activate Vacation Mode
    PLEASE NOTE: You cannot under any circumstances end Vacation Mode early

You will then be taken to a screen showing you how much time you have left in Vacation Mode.

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