In-Game Chat and Chat Functions

What is Chat and how do I use it?

There are two tab options when using Chat: Global and Alliance

  • Global: Players can use Global Chat for socializing and for general communications within Glory of Rome. Messages sent in Global can be seen by all players in your World. Use Global to ask questions about the game and to learn from others. Our veteran players are very knowledgeable and will often be happy to help!
  • Alliance: Players in an Alliance can use this tab to communicate with only their alliance members. It is very useful when coordinating Attacks and checking into the status of your Alliance in regards to Attacks, Reinforcements and general Glory of Rome activity. You can share coordinates and talk openly about strategies, Attack tactics and other Alliance-sensitive topics. Use Alliance Chat often to be a better Alliance member and team player! Alliance chat also shows in Global but will say "Alliance" in orange text beside your chat message.

Other Chat Functions:

  • Whispers: Private messages sent to specific players through chat. Type /username and then your message to whisper to another player. Whispers show in your Global and Alliance tabs but are only visible to the player you have "Whispered" to. They will be highlighted with a yellow box and will say "whispers to" next to the username in orange text.

Be careful! Make sure you have entered your whisper correctly (forward slash + player username) before you hit "Chat" to prevent all of Global/Alliance chat from seeing your private message!

  • Posting Help Builds: When players request help for their Builds it will show in both the Global and Alliance tabs.
  • Ignore/Report players: The best way to block an offensive or irritating player from communicating with you is to click on their username and select "Ignore User." You can also choose to report the player.
  • User Settings: Located to the right of the Global and Alliance tabs, this link allows you to:

Change the language in which you see text in Glory of Rome. Choose which language you prefer via the scroll bar.

Choose which tab you would like opened first when loading Glory of Rome in the User Settings link. This is very helpful when you mostly speak with your Alliance about sensitive information and do not want to accidentally include this information in Global Chat.

See which players you have ignored from chat or blocked from receiving in-game messages. 


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