Finding Customer Support Email Messages

Why haven't I received an email from Customer Support?

If you have contacted us to get support for a Rockyou game and have not received messages from us, your email service may be filtering the messages as Junk or Spam.

Finding Spam Messages

To check if messages are being filtered you will need to navigate to your Spam/Junk mail folder and check if you have any messages from us there. The Spam/Junk folder is normally located in your mail folders list on the left hand side of your email client.

For Gmail                  For Hotmail             For Yahoo Mail         For Apple Mail

Marking Rockyou messages as Not Spam

Spam/Junk mail folders are usually set to delete emails very frequently. Once you have found the message, mark it as Not Junk or Not Spam. The button with this option will normally be located just above the message.

Clicking the button will move the message to your inbox and ensure any further messages from us are not filtered or deleted.

Adding Rockyou to your Contacts

If you continue to have issues with Rockyou messages being sent to your Spam folder you should add Kabam (now Wonderhill) and the email address to your contacts list.

For instructions on how to do this please check the relevant FAQs below. Note these links are to FAQs on the email providers' help pages:

Adding a contact in Gmail

Adding a contact in Hotmail

Adding a contact in Yahoo Mail

Adding a contact in Apple Mail



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