Defense Simulator

What is the Defense Simulator?

Ever wondered how your awesome base would fair against faction attacks?  Ever wondered how you could improve the configuration of your base to maximize on your defenses?  Now you can test out your base by using the Tower Defense Mode!

This mode will allow you to test your base out against waves of faction attacks, gain XP for doing so, as well as gaining a base score that will be surfaced in the PvP modal. This mode will also add a new interaction mode to Faction Attacks, allowing users to use special items to impact the outcome of faction attacks.

If you are not really an Attacker, but more of a Defender, this gives you another great way to progress in the game!  You will be rewarded generously when building up your Base.  

Please review the list of factoids below that’ll assist you through your Defense Simulator Campaign!
  • You can only build a Defense Simulator on your Main Base

  • You 6 Simulator Charges

  • It takes 15 minutes for each Simulator Energy to recharge

  • Can apply Accelerators to speed them up
  • Upgrading your Defense Simulator unlocks more campaigns
  • Can not upgrade higher than the current level of your Command Center

  • Can withdraw your battle at anytime

  • When your battle is victorious you have a chance to reap great rewards, such as an Incendiary Core!

  • Warning: You can still be attacked by other players while you are using the Defense Simulator

  • Can apply Defense Simulator XP Boosts and Level Boosts to amplify your experience and level of defense

So get ready to put your defenses to the ultimate test with these exciting new challenges!
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