Aurora One Colony

What is Aurora One?

The Aurora One Colony is a new expansion for your main Edgeworld Base!

Further advancements with Cerulean technology have allowed your engineers to create a new expansion colony to bolster your strength and aid you in your quest for galactic dominance!

Creating Aurora One

This Colony will allow you to build up an independent base with a separate army to assault your foes with!

To gain access to Aurora One, you first need to acquire the schematic for this new base, and this can be acquired by:

  • Purchasing an Aurora One Bronze, Silver, or Gold Kit, which all contain beneficial items to assist you with both of your bases.

Buildings within Aurora One

In addition, you will be able to build a 2nd Warp Gate, that will allow you three warps to that you may use to send your outpost army to battle. This Warp Gate can only warp troops from Aurora One, making the construction of a new army is essential.

You will not need to construct a Tech Lab on your new outpost, as all research will be taken care of in your main base, and you will be able to produce all of the same units available in your main base.

In Aurora One the resources and supply are independent from your main base, so you will need to construct new Resource Collectors and Supply Depots to maintain and provide for your new base.

Attacking and Defending

If you wish to attack a defending player's colony from Aurora One, or your main base, you will be able to choose which base to attack when you are attacking the player from the list. If you are using a Base GPS to scout a new player to attack, you must first acquire the location of their main base before you are able to select their colony from the list and attack it.

When using combat boost items such as Troop Energizers or Combat Tactics, these items will apply only to the base which it was used on.

Future Technology

Aurora One will be the staging area for many new features coming soon to Edgeworld, such as colony exclusive troops such as the Bomba, new advanced buildings including Shield Generators, and many more!

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