Defending Yourself Against Attacks

I keep getting attacked! How can I defend myself against bullies?

Edgeworld is a game of warfare, and players are frequently attacking other bases and defending themselves against attacks. When you get attacked frequently, it can feel hopeless, but there is hope! Here are some tips and tricks to help defend yourself, and encourage your attacker to move on to other targets.

1. Improve Your Defenses

A strong base needs strong turrets. Make sure you've built as many turrets as possible, then start upgrading them as high as they can go. By upgrading your Command Center, you'll unlock new turrets and higher turret levels.

2. Increase Your Level

Every level you gain in Edgeworld grants a 10% bonus to the damage and health of all of your buildings and turrets. Play hard to increase your level - even a 10-level increase can make it so that you're not worth attacking anymore.

Combat Boost items will grant you +700% XP for a short time, allowing you to gain a large number of levels very quickly.

3. Make It Cost Them

By focusing all your defense on a single building or group of buildings, you can make it more costly to attack your base. Move all your turrets together, so that when an enemy approaches, they get hit with the combined fire of everything you've got. Focus on protecting one building, such as your Command Center or Supply Depots, and move non-essential buildings like Barracks and Staging Areas further away. That way, your opponent will have to deal with all your turrets if they want to get any resources.

4. Purchase a Shield

An easy way to get some peace and breathing room is to buy a shield. Shields come in many strengths, from 1 hour to 30 days. While a shield is active, you can build, attack faction bases, and level up. (If you attack a player base, you'll lose your shield.) This will also give your attackers time to forget about you and move on to other targets.

5. Join an Alliance

By joining an Alliance, your fellow members can see the last person who attacked you. When you get attacked too often, lead your Alliance in a counterattack!

Your Alliance members can also send you resources, so you'll be able to upgrade even if you're being attacked often. Use these resources to upgrade your defensive turrets first, and make yourself an expensive target.

Skillfully utilizing your Alliance can make bullying into a non-issue.

6. Ask Your Attacker to Stop

Most Commanders in Edgeworld are polite, and want everyone to have fun. If you're really getting hammered by someone, try sending them a private message and asking them politely to stop for a few days while you rebuild. Most players are willing to give you a break and attack other targets for a while.

7. Launch Your Own Attacks

Reclaim the resources that you lost by launching attacks of your own! Attack one of the three Factions, or find a player who is a few levels below you and attack their base. Attacking is the fastest way to level up and gain resources in Edgeworld!

8. Ignore the Attacks

Being attacked in Edgeworld isn't all that harmful. Your attackers cannot permanently damage your base, and you'll be completely repaired in 1/2 hour. It's frustrating to lose a lot of resources to attacks, but take a deep breath and relax. Every upgrade and every attack makes you stronger, permanently. As long as you keep playing, collecting resources, and upgrading whenever you can, you'll eventually have an untouchable base.

9. Send us an Abuse Report

If these tricks don't work, and your attacker won't leave you alone, send us a message, and we'll look into it. You can send a message to the Support Team using the "Help" buttons above and below the Edgeworld game window.

Give us as much information as possible, including copies of any relevant chat, messages, or battle reports. If you asked your attacker to stop attacking you, include those messages and your attacker's replies. You need to build a case against your attacker, so we have enough evidence to act.

Every great Commander has to start at the bottom and fight their way to the top. Persevere, defend your base, and prove that you're the greatest warrior in Edgeworld!

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